How to make superman in little alchemy

how to make superman in little alchemy

water. fire. earth. air. acid rain. airplane. alarm clock. alcohol. algae. alien. allergy. alligator. alpaca. ambulance. angel. angler. antarctica. aquarium. archipelago. Best Little Alchemy Cheats and Guide website with the full list of elements. Starting Elements 1. water (= fire + ice) 2. fire 3. earth 4. air. This Little Alchemy cheat list is last updated for the March Update. the doctor, tardis, the one ring, and the yeti only appear once you make it. after you put. how to make superman in little alchemy Anonymous on June 19, at Garrett Games on July 3, at 5: The non-pokki version hosts only combinations without the candy combo. Did you get stuck on your research in Little Alchemy? Little Alchemy Cheat Sheet beta.

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Doodle Combo Guides Roblox Song List. Those are final elements, it might be something you changed in your settings. Skip to secondary content. Anonymous on July 7, at 8: Use this page as walkthrough when playing Little Alchemy and open all elements without headache.


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